Bizarre Junk Sculptures By Leo Sewell

Bizarre Junk Sculptures by Leo Sewell | The Wondrous Design Magazine

Junk artist Leo Sewell creates his ‘rubbish’ artwork from junk he collects from refuse dumps round his native Philadelphia. This piece is of a female torso. Using any discarded plastic, metal and wood, Leo selects his raw materials for their color, shape and durability.

Molding them using nuts, bolts and screws, Leo’s colorful sculptures, like this one called Stegosaurus, range from the size of an average house cat to a huge 40 foot installation, like Torch. Scouring the city for any discarded junk he can use, Leo pieces consist of a number of disused elements, some of which relate to the subject.

Photos & Text: viaBizarre Junk Sculptures by Leo Sewell | The Wondrous Design Magazine.


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