Weirdest Museums of the World

Weirdest Museums of the World

Mutter Museum – Philadelphia, USA

Full of macabre medical oddities, the Mütter Museum takes the cake for weirdest museums. But remember, these are human remains that have been donated, so be as respectful as possible in your ogling.


Weirdest Museums of the World

Icelandic Phallological Museum – Húsavík, Iceland

All giggles aside, the Icelandic Phallological Museum is the world’s first education center devoted to the ancient study of phallology (the scientific study of phalli). And with the most recent Homo sapien specimen donation, members from all 46 different species of Icelandic mammals are on display.


Weirdest Museums of the World

Paris Sewer Museum – Paris, France

Keep your eyes peeled when visiting the Paris Sewer Museum: Parisian phone, electric and gas lines are run through the underground sewer system. And although most tour-able sections are drained of their contents, the sewers are prone to flooding after heavy rains.


Weirdest Museums of the World

Currywurst Museum – Berlin, Germany

Tease your taste buds at the German Currywurst Museum. You can even sample some of Germany’s favorite sausage in the snack lounge, including the museum’s innovative creation, currywurst-in-a-cup.


Weirdest Museums of the World

Gopher Hole Museum – Torrington, Alberta, Canada

Technically, the models at the Gopher Hole Museum aren’t gophers – they’re stuffed Richardson’s ground squirrels — but that’s beside the point. These adorable critters attracted negative press from the notorious animal rights group PETA in the 90s. But the mudslinging plan backfired; the Gopher Hole Museum is now a world famous landmark in Torrington, Alberta.


Weirdest Museums of the World

Meguro Parasite Museum – Tokyo, Japan

A strong stomach is a requirement at the Meguro Parasite Museum in Tokyo, Japan. Each prized specimen was actually extracted from either an animal or human — like the infested dolphin stomach shown here.


Weirdest Museums of the World

Museum of Broken Relationships – Zagreb, Croatia

Shards of glass in a jar, mannequin hands and even a broken garden dwarf are among some of the more interesting donations at the Museum of Broken Relationships. Donors fill out note cards telling the story behind the object.

Photos & Text: viaWeirdest Museums of the World.


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