Wonderful Sculptures Made Out Of Scrap Car Parts

Australian artist James Corbett has created these wonderful sculptures using old car parts salvaged from scrap yards. His sculptures are made from gears, radiators, spark plugs and exhausts. Just have a look and guess how creative they are! – Photos & Text via Wonderful Sculptures Made Out Of Scrap Car Parts | The Wondrous Design Magazine. […]

Amazing Face Paintings by Daizy Design

New Zealand artist Christy Lewis founded the “Daizy Design” studio to give joy to children. Her works have a distinctive feature, the artist paints on the faces of children. Children are happy to come to Christie because she awesomely transforms their faces into any character or little animals. These wonderful face paintings are being used […]

Humorous Art of Bent Objects by Terry Border

Terry Border uses everyday items such as peanuts, Oreos and kiwis, Border utilizes wire hands and feet to make the inanimate objects come to life.  What I love most about his work, though, is that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Young or old, we can all get a good chuckle out of his hilarious, […]

Creative Drawing Vs Photography (Part II)

Ben Heine is a talented and innovative artist from Belgium. He has shown his talent and creativity by mixing drawing and photography commonly known as “Pencil Vs Camera” art. It was a totally new visual concept which he initially introduced in 2010 and has received a huge appreciation from people all around the world. Ben […]

15th World Bodypainting Festival in Poertschach, Austria (Photos)

Body painting is a famous body art. Different countries organize body painting art events for promoting this art on international level. Recently, a world body painting festival celebrated in Austria. This is a 15th world body painting art festival in Poertschach, Austria.  Hundreds of artists took part in this event from all over the world. […]

10 Funkiest Footwear Designs by Kobi Levi

Market Trolly Sling-shot Tulip XXX Pump Miao Chewing gum Banana Slip Tongue Market Dog Israeli footwear designer Kobi Levi i takes inspiration from furniture, fruit and even dogs.  Kobi Levi worked in footwear in Italy, China, Israel and Brazil before designing his own line of creative shoes. His line is handmade and “absolutely” wearable. Lets […]

Unique Architectures Of The World

Leaf House – Angra dos Reis, Brazil The roof of this architectural masterpiece looks like a giant flower with six petals, each of which covers a different section of the home. A curved swimming pool works its way through the house before culminating as a small pond stocked with fish and vegetation in the backyard. […]