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World BodyPainting Festival 2009

„The “World Bodypainting Festival” is a cult event that has driven the art of bodypainting. It has spread awareness and excitement for body art. For the year 2009 this biggest event took place over the small town of Seeboden, in Austria. „ – viaTop 25 Of World BodyPainting Festival 2009 | The Wondrous Design Magazine. Advertisements

Screw Portrait by Andrew Myers

„Andrew Myers, who we first introduced you to back in February 2011, is back with a fantastic new piece called Fading Thoughts. This time, Myers wanted to take his work one step further by creating a scene that gives a sense of motion. „I don’t want that dead portrait look anymore,“ he says. „So I […]

Wire sculptures – by Derek Kinzett

Wire sculptures by Derek Kinzett – viaWire sculptures by Derek Kinzett.

Fotographien von Florian C.A. Czech – Wien / Vienna

Louvre Paris . Brasserie, Paris 2008 . Möwe Jonathan . Verwachsen… . Frosch . Neugier . Tauben, Venedig 12/2003 . Canale . Rialto . Blickkontakt… . KAFFEE ALT WIEN… . Literaturkanzlei… . Einblick… . Fun… . Sich Gedanken machen… . sehen… . Zweisamkeit… . Zärtlichkeit . Espresso… . Einladend… . Wien, Wien, nur du allein…. […]

Amazingly Beautiful Digital Painting Portraits

by ~Ivenzia by *Geofffffff  by *fragmented—  by *kenglye  by ~Mshindo9  by ~crisdelara04 by ~Pope-Moses by ~NateCow by ~flyboy9990 by ~untrue by ~Kekoah by ~sajjad68 by ~LeYaH1587 by ~Ivenzia by ~harax86 by ~HeatherIhn by ~Ellenaj Digital painting is the latest art form that originated from some of the more conventional painting methods including watercolor, oil, and impasto paintings. This involves using digital tools on a computer, such as painting software, to create art. […]

Most Strangest Glass Box Balcony Of The World

You can count Sears Tower, Chicago in the tallest buildings of America. The owners of this tower have installed some glass box balconies at 103  floor of the building, which are fix out of the building. If you want to view Chicago city at one sight you should visit the strangest glass box balcony at […]

Craziest Hairstyles Ever

… Na dann, auf zum Friseur! Wir alle brauchen ab und zu eine nicht allzu gravierende optische Veränderung …  🙂 – via12 Craziest Hairstyles Ever | The Wondrous Design Magazine.