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Amazing Face Paintings by Daizy Design

New Zealand artist Christy Lewis founded the “Daizy Design” studio to give joy to children. Her works have a distinctive feature, the artist paints on the faces of children. Children are happy to come to Christie because she awesomely transforms their faces into any character or little animals. These wonderful face paintings are being used […]

Creative Drawing Vs Photography (Part II)

Ben Heine is a talented and innovative artist from Belgium. He has shown his talent and creativity by mixing drawing and photography commonly known as “Pencil Vs Camera” art. It was a totally new visual concept which he initially introduced in 2010 and has received a huge appreciation from people all around the world. Ben […]

15th World Bodypainting Festival in Poertschach, Austria (Photos)

Body painting is a famous body art. Different countries organize body painting art events for promoting this art on international level. Recently, a world body painting festival celebrated in Austria. This is a 15th world body painting art festival in Poertschach, Austria.  Hundreds of artists took part in this event from all over the world. […]

Unusual Jewelry Designs By Margaux Lange

– Created By Margaux Lange – These days you can buy jewelry in all shapes and colors, but what about wearing Barbie’s body parts as earrings, necklace, etc.? Designer Margaux Lange has made a collection of accessories that contains pieces of the plastic princess, everything from breasts to hands. The designer says that she is “fascinated with […]

Remarkable Photos From Fame Festival In Italy

The Fame Festival is a meeting of international artists in a small Italian centre, Grottaglie, which is know for its ancient ceramics tradition. The artists from all over the world spend from 1 to 4 weeks in Grottaglie and cooperate with the local artisans for the production of pottery works and limited edition prints. They […]

Beautiful Examples of Green Photography

Photo credit: T0xicStorm ~ Photo credit: muratsuyur ~ Photo credit: Mgsblade ~  Photo credit: DemonMathiel ~  Photo credit: Andrew ~  Photo credit: Andrew ~  Photo credit: IotaSorez ~  Photo credit: webcruiser ~  Photo credit: alisonbrown ~  Photo credit: Rheazblaze ~ Photo credit: Jiggydude321 ~  Photo credit: NurNurIch ~ Photo credit: clockworkApple ~ … wundervolles Grün – für mich die Farbe des Lebens – wenn die Natur wieder zum […]

Incredible Plastic Life Art Examples

Plastic is all around us. It shapes much of the packaging for our food and drink. For many of us, it is during our home, our place of work, our car and the bus we take to and from work. It can be in our clothing, eyeglasses, teeth, computers, phones, dishes, utensils, and toys but […]