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Unique Architectures Of The World

Leaf House – Angra dos Reis, Brazil The roof of this architectural masterpiece looks like a giant flower with six petals, each of which covers a different section of the home. A curved swimming pool works its way through the house before culminating as a small pond stocked with fish and vegetation in the backyard. […]

London’s Skyline Made Out Of Food

Carl Warner and his team of five model makers have done really incredible work. They used 26 different types of fruit and vegetables to recreate London’s skyline as an edible landscape. It took them three weeks to complete all this. Let’s take a look at their stunning work. – Photos & Text: viaLondon’s skyline Made […]

Beautiful Toothpick Created Landmarks By Stan Munro

The Brooklyn Bridge and Big Ben ~~~ St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City ~~~ Sydney Opera House in Australia ~~~ London’s Tower Bridge ~~~ Taj Mahal, India ~~~ The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth ~~~ St Peter’s Square At The Vatican City ~~~ The Aspire Tower in Doha, Qatar ~~~ Toothpick City ~~~ The Al-Haram […]

Bizarre Elephant Building in New Jersey

A National Historic Landmark in New Jersey, Lucy the Margate Elephant is an elephant-shaped building located on the beach at Margate. The elephantine structure stands 65-feet high and weighs 90 tons. Since its construction in 1881, Lucy the Elephant has enjoyed several different “careers.” Originally intended to encourage real-estate investment on the Jersey Shore. Lucy […]

Remarkable Photos From Fame Festival In Italy

The Fame Festival is a meeting of international artists in a small Italian centre, Grottaglie, which is know for its ancient ceramics tradition. The artists from all over the world spend from 1 to 4 weeks in Grottaglie and cooperate with the local artisans for the production of pottery works and limited edition prints. They […]

Brilliant Architectural Photographs

The new Queen Elizabeth Hospital (England) photo credit: John Dalkin ~~~ The Nave in Gloucester Cathedral, England photo credit: John Dalkin ~~~ ING House at the Amsterdam Zuidas business district photo credit: Burt Youngsters ~~~ Modern Architecture in Asakusa Tokyo Japan photo credit: Retinafunk ~~~ The Houston Skyline photo credit: foureyes ~~~ Dubai Creek Golf Club photo credit: Sawrah ~~~ Modern […]

Most Bizarre Hotels of the World

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland It’s hard enough to pronounce “Kakslauttanen” while sober—don’t even think about attempting it after a shot of Finlandia vodka. We do, however, recommend a few glasses of the stuff to keep warm while staying at this Finnish resort near the North Pole. The futuristic glass igloos guarantee unrestricted views of the aurora […]