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Amazing Miniature Food Artworks

Shay Aaron is a brilliant artist from Israel who makes the most astonishing miniature food jewelry. These foodstuffs look so beautiful that we would desire to eat them. Actually, there’s a whole market out there for miniature food. Not actual stuff you can eat, but beautifully hand made designs of steaks, burgers, pies, vegetables, eggs […]

Great Australian Road Trips

Great Southern Touring Route The Great Southern Touring Route takes you through some of Victoria’s most scenic, dramatic and historic locations. ~~~~~~~~ Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Fleurieu Peninsula Adelaide is a trickster — behind its conservative facade of parks and pews lurks a chic seaside capital with an abundance of world-class wine regions hidden in its […]

Some Of The Craziest Chopper Designs

„A chopper is a type of motorcycle that was either modified from an original motorcycle design or built from scratch to have an authentic appearance. The main features of a chopper that make it stand out are its longer frame design accompanied by a stretch front end…“ – (Photos & Text: via15 Craziest Chopper Designs | The Wondrous Design Magazine.)

Stunning Flowers Art Made Out of Human Body

Artist Cecelia Webber takes photos of naked people and then spends hundreds of hours on her computer transforming them into her stunning floral creations. Her models are carefully posed to produce the shapes she requires and then Cecelia digitally cuts, rotates and colors the bodies and limbs to create her finished images. Artist’s Website at: […]

Some of the Most Creative Soap Ever Made

…Sehr fantasievoll – eigentlich fast zu schade zum Händewaschen 🙂 – (Photos: via18 Most Creative Soap Ever Made Part II | The Wondrous Design Magazine.)  

Bizarre Sculptures Park

Porter Sculpture Park is located just off Interstate 90 in Montrose, South Dakota about 25 miles west of Sioux Falls. It is on the the South Dakota Drift Prairie.  There are many weird sculptures placed in Porter Sculpture Park. Many of the sculptures, in the style of industrial art, were made with scrap metal, old […]

Some of the Most Beautiful Buildings of the World

 „…list and photos of most beautiful architectures of the world.“ Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai, Thailand Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India Great Mosque, Djenne, Mali Mont St. Michel, Normandy, France Gresham Palace, Budapest, Hungary Sagrada Família, Barcelona Christian Dior Store, Omotesando, Tokyo The Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany The Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain Institute […]